Welcome to Champion Wellness of The Heights!

Champion Wellness of The Heights is a centrally located chiropractic care office in a growing area of Tampa-St. Pete. Run by Dr. Alan Molina, who started the practice because he was tired of seeing people on pain medication, the office sees people of all ages, backgrounds, shapes, sizes and ailments. The “Top 3” issues people come to Dr. Molina for help with include migraines (headaches), neck pain, and low back pain. His drug-free care emcompasses other issues, as well, like correcting digestive problems, relieving sports injuries, and lowering blood pressure.

Dr. Molina is trained in IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization). His chiropractic care methods may include the use of hands-on manipulation techniques, an ArthoStim instrument, flexion distraction tables, X-rays, and/or vibration therapy. Patients are given home care kits to take with them after their visit(s).

Need help with spinal curve correction/regeneration? Want to improve your overall strength and get your body in better condition? Come to Champion Wellness of The Heights for pain relief and preventative care. The office is located at 800 W. MLK Jr. Blvd., Suite #3, Tampa, FL 33603. Email info@championwellnessoth.com.